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William F. Draving CPA, CMA, CDP

8811 Rain Valley Drive
San Antonio, Texas 78255
Phone: 210-698-3316
Fax: 281-754-4070

Bill Draving Company, Inc., San Antonio, Texas
1987 - Present

I am currently engaged in private practice to provide management advisory services to savings institutions and mortgage banks. I provide assistance in the development of the client’s strategic corporate objectives, assistance in the valuation of their business, counsel concerning secondary market risk management in the bond markets, and assistance in the development of mortgage loan production opportunities.

BancPLUS Mortgage Corp., San Antonio, Texas
President and Chief Operating Officer
1986 - 1987

As President of the new company, I assisted BancPLUS Savings during their transition from a small savings association to a major force in the mortgage banking industry. Century Corporation, the purchaser, did not have an experienced mortgage banking staff to direct the new mortgage company. It was my responsibility to maintain the company during the purchaser's initial year in the industry.

During 1986 Loan Production increased from $260 million in 1985 to $600 million in 1986. In the month of December Secondary Marketing recorded profits of almost one million dollars. Loan Servicing costs remained in the $75 to $80 range. Loan Servicing Acquisitions were $900 million for 1986. In 1987 Century Corporation made the decision to consolidate their other interests into a BancPLUS Holding Company. As a result, the Chief Executive Officer of BancPLUS Mortgage Corp., became more directly involved with the mortgage company.

The Richard Gill Company, San Antonio, Texas
President - Mortgage Banking Division
1985 - 1986

In 1985, Gill Companies made the decision to sell the Mortgage Bank. I assumed the position of president at which time I became responsible for Residential Loan Production, Secondary Marketing, and the Loan Purchase Programs. Gill Companies placed a great deal of responsibility on the Mortgage Banking Division to maintain the management staff during the divestiture period. The division performed extremely well and Gill was able to transfer all management and assets according to the Sale Contract.

The Richard Gill Company, San Antonio, Texas 78292
Executive Vice President - Mortgage Loan Administration
1982 - 1985

I began work at Gill in the Strategic Planning Division. The Mortgage Banking Division was experiencing difficulties with both the efficiency and effectiveness of the servicing division. After completing the initial project study, I was appointed to head the division. All areas of Loan Servicing were examined and rebuilt to allow for effective servicing as well as reducing the cost to less than half of the 1983 cost. Loan servicing consisted of Customer Service, Collections, Escrow, Document Control, and Investor Reporting. Loan Servicing Acquisitions were an integral part of the servicing area. During this time over 4 billion dollars of servicing was added to the portfolio.

Newell Manufacturing, San Antonio, Texas
Chief Financial Officer
1979 - 1982

As Chief Financial Officer I was responsible for the monthly General Ledger preparation, supervision of the annual audit preparation, Income Tax preparation and other duties related to the office of treasurer. During this period I was also responsible for the design, development, and implementation of an integrated Financial Information System. In addition to the domestic operation in San Antonio, Atlanta, Houston, El Paso and Austin, Newell did business in South America, England, Europe, Africa, Australia, and Japan.

Ernst and Whinney, San Antonio, Texas
Management Consultant - Financial Systems
1977 - 1979

My responsibilities as a consultant were in the areas of Financial Information Systems, EDP Auditing, Financial Modeling, and Operations Appraisal. I was primarily responsible for the design and implementation of several large computer systems. Other areas of involvement with the firm included Corporate Tax Preparation, Corporate Tax Structuring, Investment Tax Credit Studies, Third Party Reviews, and Internal Control Reviews. Travel time with the firm was approximately four days a week. The industries in which I was involved included oil and gas, banking, credit unions, farming and ranching, manufacturing and construction.

Electronic Data Systems, Dallas, Texas
Systems Engineer - Financial Systems Division
1976 - 1977

My duties at EDS included primary responsibility for the computer system at Fort Worth National Bank, Fort Worth, Texas. The training I received at EDS was extremely useful in that I was able to design, develop, and implement complete financial information systems. In addition to banking, I was also involved in the retail, life insurance and health care fields.

Micro Mex de Juarez, Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico
General Manager
1972 - 1976

It was my responsibility to construct and operate this twin plant for the Micro-Miniature Parts Corporation of Philadelphia, Pa. An analysis of the Border Industrialization Program and working conditions in several border cities was conducted and Juarez was chosen as the location for a 6,000 square foot electronic assembly plant. The plant was used to assemble parts made in the United States. All phases of the operation were under my direction. Within a seven month period, the plant's production was 110% that of the parent company.

My responsibilities also included the development of the legal-accounting system. All pertinent regulations were interpreted and translated for the parent. All border customs requirements were handled from Juarez. In addition, several visits were made to Washington, D.C. to discuss classifications of materials and processes.

Professional Biography

EDUCATION Drexel University; Philadelphia, Pa.
BSME, Industrial Engineering, 1968

University of Texas at El Paso, Texas
MBA Finance/Accounting, 1976

University of Texas at Dallas, Texas
MS Information Systems, 1977 90% Complete

Temple University; Philadelphia, Pa.
Preparatory Graduate Work 1971
MILITARY U.S. Army Medical Corp
Sergeant; Honorable Discharge 1971
Served tour of duty in S.E. Asia
PROFESSIONAL Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
American Institute of Public Accounting
Texas Society of Certified Public Accountants

Certified Management Accountant (CMA)
National Association of Accountants
Institute of Management Accountants

Certificate in Data Processing (CDP)

Mortgage Banking Association
Data Processing Management Association
Association of Computing Machinery
Institute Management Information Systems
American Management Association
Kiwanis International

Current Position

Bill Draving Company, Inc.
Management Consulting and Commercial Software

8811 Rain Valley Drive, San Antonio, Texas 78255
Phone: 210-698-3316 Fax: 281-754-4070

Bill Draving Company, Inc. provides management advisory services to companies in the financial services industry. Bill is devoted to the development of financial information used by executive management. Often, this information provides the basis for the development of strategic plans.

He has provided guidance and direction to many executives in the secondary marketing areas. He developed and implemented automated trading systems which are used to hedge pipelines in excess of five hundred million dollars.

In the past several years, Bill installed loan correspondent and wholesale operations for several mortgage companies. His services included the development of a Wholesale Loan Program through which one hundred million dollars of mortgage loans were purchased in a single month. He has supervised the purchase, acquisition and transfer of over fifteen billion dollars of loan servicing. He has directed the development of loan administration systems which service over twenty billion dollars of mortgage loans.

Bill's advantage is his ability to comprehend difficult situations and provide complete, workable solutions. These solutions save a great deal of money and are completed in as short a time as possible. The philosophy of the firm is to provide dedicated assistance to key management executives. This eliminates the need to have many outsiders involved in strategic business decisions.

Before starting his own business, Bill was president of two major Texas mortgage companies. He was Executive Vice President for a company which grew from a 20,000 loan servicing portfolio to a portfolio of well over 140,000 loans. Bill managed the loan servicing operation as well as the data processing operation. Bill joined the mortgage company as the Senior Vice President of Strategic Planning.

While president of the most recent company, new loan originations increased to six hundred million dollars a year. The servicing portfolio during this time was seven billion dollars. Bill has expertise in every area of Mortgage Banking.

He is an aggressive problem solver who enjoys the satisfaction of a job well done. He is an active speaker and participant in the mortgage industry. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Drexel University in Philadelphia. He received an MBA in Finance from the University of Texas. Currently, he teaches Finance at the University of Texas in San Antonio. Bill is a Certified Public Accountant who also holds professional certification in Management Accounting and Data Processing.

Bill has directed the development of loan administration systems which service over nine billion dollars of mortgage loans. His firm currently provides assistance to companies who purchase loan servicing. The firm markets and installs the KAL_II Servicing Simulation Model. KAL_II is the most sophisticated device available to evaluate the daily cash flows generated by mortgage loan servicing. The Model will also evaluate the productivity of the loan servicing operation.

He provides guidance and direction to many executives in the Secondary Marketing areas. He has implemented Automated Trading Systems which are used to hedge pipelines in excess of five hundred million dollars. In the past several years, Bill has installed loan correspondent and wholesale Operations for several mortgage companies. He has personally evaluated over one hundred billion dollars of loan servicing.


Bill Draving Company, Inc.

Management Consulting and Commercial Software

Commercial software development, Present value cash flow models
Corporate acquisitions & sales, Corporate relocation
Period performance comparisons, Quarterly cost analysis
Mortgage companies, Mortgage banks
Banks, Savings Banks, Credit bureaus, Credit Unions

BancPLUS Mortgage Corp., San Antonio, Texas

President - Chief Operating Officer

Secondary marketing
Loan originations
Loan Servicing

The Richard Gill Company, San Antonio, Texas

Executive Vice President - Mortgage Loan Administration
President - Mortgage Division


University of Texas El PasoMBA Finance and Accounting

University of Texas San AntonioMS Computer Science 90%

Drexel University, Pennsylvania BS Industrial Engineering


CPA - Certified Public Accountant
CMA - Certified Management Accountant
CDP - Certificate of Data Processing

Significant Positions

Electronic Data Systems Systems Engineer, Financial Services

Ernst & Whinney Consultant - Financial Services


1968 Drexel University; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Bachelor of Science - Industrial Engineering
1970 Army Medical Corp.
Served in Viet Nam
1971 Micro-Miniature Parts Corp.; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
General Plant Manager
1976 University of Texas El Paso; El Paso, Texas
Master of Business Administration Finance and Accounting
1976 Electronic Data Systems; Dallas, Texas
Systems Engineer , Financial Services Industry
1978 Ernst & Whinney; San Antonio, Texas
Certified Public Accountant
Certified Management Accountant
Management Consultant - Financial Services Industry
1980 Newell Manufacturing; San Antonio, Texas
Certificate of Data Processing
Chief Financial Officer
MS Computer Science Program - Univ Texas San Antonio
1982 The Richard Gill Company; San Antonio, Texas
Executive Vice President - Mortgage Division
Mortgage Loan Administration
1985 The Richard Gill Company; San Antonio, Texas
President - Mortgage Division
Originations and Secondary Marketing
1986 BancPLUS Mortgage Corp.; San Antonio, Texas
President & Chief Operating Officer
1987 Bill Draving Company, Inc.
Commercial software
Management Consulting